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About Us

We have almost 21 years of experiences in furniture, lighting and accessories product from recycle and reclaimed teak wood. We create unique interior concepts, with a big attention to details in every step from a chip of teak wood, have become an extraordinary element of interior design.  In craftsmanship quality’s hand we aim to create a personal expression with a timeless visual identity that will last overtime and attention to every little detail.  We always appreciate simplicity, sustainability, quality and design under manufacture environmentally friendly decorative. This is the place where unique craftsmanship and natural organic materials that ages beautifully are combined – teak wood, genuine leather, metal and fabric. We tinker, we experiment, and we take something we love and find ways to tweak it, rearrange it, and delivering the new variety concept on look, shape and function. This is how we achieve refined and contemporary yet innovative and cool. It is how we mix inspiration with expertise, juxtapose materials and styles, and ultimately offer you finishes pieces that can transform a space in private home or commercial space. It is suitable for anyone who wishes to be close to the nature, feel harmony and enjoy the peace.

Sistem Verifikasi Legal Kayu (SVLK) or Timber Legality Assurance Standard (TLAS) is the Indonesian government's timber certification. Its main purpose is to promote good forest management and push away illegal logging. SVLK certificate is proof that a timber company's operation is legal

Tropica Furniture Corporate


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