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is a furniture and accessories exporters company whose basic material is wood. Producing various kinds of furniture from chip teak wood, Branch, Roots, Log, Reclaimed teak waste etc. There are also several accessories including wall decoration, lighting, and so on. UD Yoga Jaya only sells products abroad (export).

Ikal TL Black wood.jpg
Inspired for stylish black
from root pieces with black color can become art and perfect mix with our home furniture
Belmiro Black.jpg
a wall of mirrors that meets everything we bring to it.
A coffee table isn’t  just a piece of furniture in the house.
KObe CT-2.jpg
Genta Wall Deco-2.jpg
Create a beautiful space with selection of wall decor pieces for every style. Find modern wall art dimension to any room.
Made from reclaimed and recycled into a unique decoration

We produce high quality indoor furniture made by chip teak wood material combine with metal, genuine leather and fabric to create the timeless natural contemporary furnishing. 
With our creative direction team and our professional craftsmanship, we work from hearth with big attention to every detail step to take the effect of time and nature, and turn them into astonishingly beautiful interior design.
We create the buried remnants old teak trees, tangled roots and stumps, harvested long ago with hard works and commitment, we able to salvage this wood and made it to an extraordinary origin collection.
The Organic curves of wood strain the depth of a hand applied finish, the rough beauty of a natural edge selected with an artist’s eye, each piece is one of a kind masterpiece and unique, never to be repeated.

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Desa Sonorejo, Kec. Padangan, Kabupaten Bojonegoro, Jawa Timur 62162

UD Yoga Jaya (Tropica Furniture) is a home furniture, Lighting and accessories exporter company.

UD Yoga Jaya is establish since September 2002, Placed at Bojonegoro, East Java.

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